the future of #braveup

We are going Clubbing!

The #BraveUp Student Committee is in the process of creating the framework so every school from K-12 can start a #BraveUp Service Club.

NO ISIS RECRUITING (A campaign combating the recruitment of teenagers via social media) WAS CREATED BY THE 2016 FBI YOUTH ACADEMY CT THINK TANK:

#BRAVEUP: another successful student think tank

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Champions for a cause


How it all started

#BraveUp was created during  the Counter Terrorism Think Tank session at the 2017 FBI Youth Academy. Students were asked to create a peer to peer outreach initiative that would enhance the quality of life for youth in our communities

FBI Miami CAAA Speakers Bureau

Rockstars who travel around to numerous venues educating our South Florida Communities 

FBI Youth Academy

Can you imagine spending a week with the FBI?

Wanna be a Part of  #Braveup ?

Community Outreach Continued

Are you ready to be empowered and Inspired? Save This Date: 10 /27 / 2018   7:30 AM - 4 PM


the outcome

Our  "Thinktankers" at the academy decided that students all all ages and grades need to #BraveUp and become empowered to stand up against a host of injustices such as bullying, exclusion, and school violence.  A #BraveUp Student Committee has been formed with high school teens from around the Miami-Dade and Broward School districts.

One of the many amazing #BraveUp presentations from our CT Think Tank

highlighting the power of inclusion and kindness

FBI Miami Citizens Academy Alumni Association

Reading is fun Hour

Alumni who have a passion for literacy and making kids smile