FBI Miami Citizens Academy Alumni Association


Foster a working and collaborative relationship with community leaders to facilitate the strengthening of alliances with the local communities they serve


Upon completing the FBI Miami Citizens Academy, graduates have the opportunity and are encouraged to continue their relationship with the FBI Miami Division as a member of  the Alumni Association


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Community Outreach Continued

Reading is fun Hour

Alumni who have a passion for literacy and making kids smile

FBI Youth Academy

Can you imagine spending a week with the FBI?

academy requirements


Educate community leaders about the inner working, roles and responsibilities of the FBI Agency, and interface how local communities and citizens play a key role in the Agency's successful operation

Champions for a cause

  •  Potential Academy attendees must be business, civic, religious community leaders nominated by the Bureau employee, or Citizens Academy graduate and approved by the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) in Miami
  •  Must be 21 years of age  
  • No prior felony convictions 
  • Must live/work in the jurisdiction of the FBI Miami field office
  • Must consent to and pass a background and security clearance
  • ​Must sign a non-disclosure form


Speakers Bureau

Rockstars who travel around to numerous venues educating our SoFlo Communities